Meet Sally

I received my fine arts degree from UW Madison from the 70’s and have had way too many unimportant jobs since then.

I took a food science course in college because I was baking at a restaurant while going to school and I could not get my pies to thicken .

I have had the pleasure of frosting and frying donuts, where I learned how to shake off frying screens (while they were still very hot) into the rack without bouncing them back into my arms.

I  “worked the bench” at a big box grocery store and small bakery shop, and learned to feel the difference between ounces when scaling dough.

I baked a lot of Honey Walnut Tortes for a very crazy small-time caterer-want-to-be, who started bring a gun to work when “Patrick” got out of jail. I quit.

I cooked and baked for some wonderful senior citizens at a meal site in a tiny town off the Wisconsin river, where the women quilted almost every afternoon while the men did jig saw puzzles.

As you can tell, none of this makes me an expert.  The best I can do, or anyone can do I guess, is to see it in my head and then try to make it happen in reality.






Make Art Edible.

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